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Little Dragons Programme

Little Dragons age four to six are the youngest students in our martial art school.

We believe children this young need to be taught life skills rather than physical fighting. That's why our classes are designed to give your child an opportunity to gain focus, control and  self-discipline, develop coordination and balance and work together as a team.

 The Little Dragons Class Structure


The Little Dragons class will cover the following subjects:

  1. We start the class with the Student Creed that is a promise child will make to herself or himself: “I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that main reduce my mental growth or physical health…” 
  2. Warm up part teaches children different type of exercises and develops they awareness of body movements (star-jumps for cardio and stamina building, push-ups for arm strength so we can push that bully away, sit ups for core, and squats for legs for those awesome running flying kicks). Stretches are based on the same idea implementing some yoga to calm children minds before the martial art training.
  3. Then we start our martial art training that is based around the Word of the Week (like Respect) and T.I.P. (training incentive programme) stripe (Focus, Coordination, Control, Balance, Fitness, Team work, Memory or Self-discipline). There are 4 core topic we teach to Little Dragons:.
    • Kick boxing - develops your child's focus, control and balance during pad work training. Children are learning not just how to punch and kick but also rules of appropriate training.
    • Flight training - develops your child's coordination, balance and flexibility during the practice of pop up, jumping and running flying kicks.
    • Partner training – teaching your child to mirror and monitor will prepare him or her for success. We all know how important is the body language - mirroring is used when we are accepting other people, monitoring is used when we are arguing or trying to prove our point more aggressively. Head covers, body covers, leg covers, footwork reinforcement and pad holding techniques will help your child to understand mirroring and monitoring.
    • Self-defence – this is about the confidence to say “No”, “Stop”, “Back off”. Push the bully away, getting out of grabs, safety on the street, playground, school and other public places, Stranger Danger Programme and Bully-proof Programme is part of the self-defence curriculum.
  4. The cool down is the last part of the class. at this secion children are taught how to calm down - correct breathing, stretching. This is the last 5 minutes of the class when we discus what children have learnt during the class.

The Basic class is 30 minutes long. Afterwards we have a Weapon session for extra 15 minute for children ages 5+ however it is invitation based only. Those children who have been invited will learn the following weapon: Nunchaku, Escrima, Bo – long pole and Broadsword. 

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