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Adults Martial Arts - Wing Chun classes are designed for students aged 13 and older. We believe, Wing Chun Kung Fu is a realistic, practical and effective self defence system if it is trained right. Wing Chun Kung Fu develops your mind, body and spirit through practicing Five Core Subjects in a class. As a student you will develop ability to focus and notice small changes, you will become fast on your feet and physically stronger, your mind will be calmer and relaxed, your stamina will increase as your confidence will grow during your journey to mastery of Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Unlike most Martial Arts where the adult MUST fit to the requirement of the art being learnt, Wing Chun Kung Fu is unique and phenomenal Martial Art system that has been written and designed as to fit to the requirements of the individual person, whilst teaching a common goal you can work within the classes to your own goals and achievements.

Read about Five Core Subject we teach after the photo.


Wing Chun Five Core Subjects


The Wing Chun Forms are for student to learn hand positions, foot work and focus on the development of each move. There are six forms in Wing Chun, however only four of them are open hand forms taught within our classes: 

  1. Siu Nim Tao – “Little Idea” – is a beginner form. All secrets are in this form. It teaches a student to focus a mind on one thing at the time (Dim Dim Ching Theory), develops ability to strike in a shortest distance that is a straight line (Centre Line Theory) and teaches a power generation from elbow for punches or defensive shapes (Elbow Power or Immovable Elbow)
  2. Chum Kiu – “Seeking the Bridge” – develops student’s ability to move whilst keeping the structure. It introduces to Two Direction Force concept and three Wing Chun Kung Fu Kicks. The Same as Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu is for self-defence purpose.
  3. Biu Tze – “Thrusting Fingers” is once of advanced forms and are taught to students once they have achieved the 12th Student Grade within Wing Chun International Oxford. This Form teaches how to destroy the attacker using finger strikes, chops, elbows towards a pressure points to maximize the damage.
  4. Muk Yan Jong – “Wooden Dummy”- is for a top-grade students as it helps student to condition arms and legs. This form is taught on the wooden dummy once student’s positions are outstanding as a wrong move can cause a nerve or joint damage. This is a last open hand for student learns and teaches about the clashing, and reborn force.

 Pressure Testing System (PTS)

Pressure Testing System is designed to teach a student how to react to impulses, deal with adrenalin and as being a drill, it is there to develop ones skill level within Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts. There are two Pressure Testing drills:

  1. Chi Sao and Chi Gerk – muscle memory building drills.
  2. 1,2,3 drill, entry techniques – sparring drills that develops student‘s ability to deal with adrenalin rush and respond correctly when being attacked. 

Self Defence

Within Wing Chun International Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts is realistic, practical and effective self defence system. Within this subject, student will learn how to deal with:

  • Punches
  • Kicks,
  • Headlocks and chokes
  • Grabs
  • Ground fighting
  • Multiple Assailant
  • Weapons – knives, sticks and other.

 Solo Training

Solo training or shadow boxing at the later stage is designed for a student to have an opportunity to practice at home. This Subject will teach a student how to punch in Wing Chun, hand shape drills, and footwork that can be mixed together and practices as a shadow boxing sequences against imaginary training partner.


Wing Chun Kung Fu is a collective set of theories, principles and mottos! The true master of Wing Chun is not the one who has mastered all techniques, but the one who lives his or her life by Wing Chun Rules – theories principles and mottos.

  1. If you want something – go and get it as “shortest distance between two points is a straight line”
  2. All the negativity you get exposed to “redirect the negative force, absorb the positive energy and then explode it all out through happiness, encouragement and enthusiasm about everything you do.
  3. The Four Wing Chun principles teaches you:
    • Always go forward (don’t look back)
    • Stick to what comes (appreciate or deal with it)
    • Yield to greater force (move around things you can’t affect)
    • Once the way is clear, follow through (don’t get overwhelmed or distracted during your journey of achieving your goals)

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