Children Martial Art

Children martial art classes are designed to tech your child how to deal with bullying and will give your child a foundation in Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts

Children programme is focused on life skills rather than physical fighting however WCI Oxford and WCI Didcot aim is to give your child the ability to defend himself or herself. 

Within WCI Oxford and WCI Didcot school we teach two children programmes:

Little Dragons age 4 - 6;

Junior Waarriors age 7 - 12.


 Little Dragons age 4 - 6

Little Dragons age four to six are the youngest students in our martial art school.

We believe children this young need to be taught life skills rather than physical fighting. That's why our classes are designed to give your child an opportunity to learn about respect, gain focus and discipline, develop coordination and balance and work together rather than compete.


Junior Warriors age 7 - 12

It is not long till your child will start to walk home from school by themselves, go for a walk with friends and play football in the park. It takes three years to develop a correct reaction towards any situation in the life, starting at age of seven simply prepares your child for teen’s life better giving him or her strong mindset about values of one’s health, fitness and safetey.

 The basics of martial arts

The Basic class will cover the following subjects:

  1. We start the class with a Student Creed that is a promise child will make to herself or himself: “I will develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that main reduce my mental growth or physical health…” 
  2. Warm up part teaches children different type of exercises and stretches and develops they awareness of body movements and how to make their body stronger (star-jumps for cardio and stamina building, push-ups for arm strength so we can push that bully away, sit ups for core, and squats for legs for those awesome running flying kicks). Stretches are based on the same idea implementing some yoga to calm children minds before the martial art training.
  3. Then we start our martial art training that is based around the Word of the Week (like Respect) and T.I.P. (Training incentive programme) stripe (Focus, Coordination, Control, Balance, Fitness, Team work, Memory or Self-discipline). There are 4 core topic we teach within the bebinner course - Basics of martial arts.

Kick boxing - focus development, power, speed and balance whilst kickcing and punching focus pads.

Flight training - cooridantion for those pop up, jumping and running flying kicks for timing development.

Partner training – mirroring vs monitoring, head covers, body covers, leg covers, footwork reinforcement, pad holding techniques and safe training with a partner.

Self-defence – confidence to say “No”, “Stop”, “Back off”, Push the bully away, getting out of grabs, safety on the street, playground, school and other public places, Stranger Danger Programme and Bullyproof Programme.

These four curriculums are taught to children over 3 years of Little Dragons White/Black Belt programme in 3 levels and 1 year over Junior Warrior programme to prepare your child for th Wing Chun training.

The Basic class is 30 minutes long however afterwards we have a Weapon session for extra 15 minute. Those children who are on a Black Belt course are invited into weapon class to learn Nunchaku, Escrima or Bo – long pole or Broadsword. 


Black Belt Weapon training

Weapon training is designed to teach children how to perform in front of audience and develops child's respect towards others and develops their coordination to the next level. There are 3 rules about weapon training:

The child must ask a permission (at home to parents, at martial art school to instructor);

Child must make sure there is lots of space to train with weapon (we don't play with weapons as they are not a toy);

Child is not allowed to hit anyone or anything.


Junior Warrior Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts

Once your child has achieved Red belt or Green/Red Belt in Junior Warrior programme he or she will be invited to the Black Belt Class that introduces the Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts fundamentals.

The class will start with a Black Bet Oath “I accept with - honour and privilege - the journey of fellow warriors - towards achieving - the Black Belt in Wing Chun. I do hereby swear - to uphold the standards of - honesty, - modesty, - courtesy, - integrity, - high moral code, - perseverance, - courage - and indomitable spirit.…”

After the Black Belt Oath there is a warm up phase that teaches children Wing Chun centreline punches, chain punches, elbow strikes, knee strikes and kicks. The flexibility exercises are implemented straight after warm ups.

Then children will start the Wing Chun training that is based around the Theories of Wing Chun (like Centre line, wedge theory) and T.I.P. (Training incentive programme) stripe (Focus, Speed, Power, Accuracy, Intensity and Black Belt Excellence). There are 4 core topic we teach to Junior Warriors:

Striking techniques – palm strikes, punches, elbows, knees, kicks

Solo training – Footwork, Hand Shapes, Siu Nim Tao (Little Idea)

Partner Training – reaction drills (pad work, chi sao), sparring drills

Applications – dealing with kicks, punches, being pushed, grabbed, puled, tripped and being on floor.

These four topics are taught to children over 3 years of Junior Warrior Black Belt programme in 3 levels.

The Black Belt class is 30 minutes long however afterwards we have a Advanced Weapon session for extra 15 minute. Those children who have learned weapons previously in the Basic Class, once mastered the single Weapons, will be allowed to learn Double Nunchaku, Double Escrima and Butterfly Swords.  

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